Root Canal Treatment in Whitehouse Station, NJ

Restoring Your Smile and Oral Health

If you have severe tooth pain or discomfort, especially when you eat, drink, or brush, you may have a tooth infection. When a tooth’s root becomes infected, most often from gum disease or cavities left untreated for too long, a root canal may be the only option to restore the tooth before extraction is necessary. 

At Lasting Smiles of Whitehouse Station, Dr. Thomas Gulino offers root canal treatment to save your tooth from extraction. Our Whitehouse Station dentist is committed to bringing our patients the highest quality procedures to restore their dental health in Hunterdon County, NJ, and the surrounding area, including Tweksbury and Lebanon, NJ. 

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a restorative procedure to save an infected tooth. Tooth infections often develop due to untreated cavities, which allow bacteria to reach the pulp chamber, the central layer of the tooth. The chamber contains sensitive nerve endings that cause severe pain once infected, and endanger the entire tooth.

If the infected pulp isn’t removed, pain and swelling in the mouth and jawbone and other oral health issues can result. Delaying proper treatment usually makes extraction necessary. With root canal treatment, Dr. Gulino can safely and precisely remove the infected pulp to preserve your tooth and save your oral health. 

Signs & Symptoms of Tooth Infection

There are many symptoms and causes of a tooth infection that should never be ignored. Common signs to look out for include:

  • Cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth
  • Severe tooth pain, throbbing, or discomfort
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks

If you’re experiencing any of the above, call our Whitehouse Station, NJ office at (908) 534-4001 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Undergoing root canal treatment offers a variety of benefits for both your oral and overall health. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced oral health
  • Protects overall health
  • Prevents infection from returning
  • Preserves your natural tooth

patient undergoing root canal treatment

Root Canal Process

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, your restorative dentist will discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have. An average root canal procedure can take around one to three hours. We’ll also schedule a quick appointment to install the permanent crown.

Root Canal Procedure

Before your procedure, Dr. Gulino will clean your mouth. From there, your dentist will numb the affected area, first with a topical numbing agent, then with a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, we’ll begin the procedure. 

Your dentist will clean the decayed portions of the tooth, similar to a dental filling procedure. Then, they’ll use specialized instruments to carefully and safely clean the roots of the tooth. 

Once the inside of the tooth is clean, your dentist will prepare the remaining tooth to be fitted with a temporary crown. You’ll wear your temporary crown while the permanent one is in the process of being fabricated. Our friendly staff will schedule your follow-up appointment before sending you on your way, healthy and pain-free!

How to Prevent Tooth Infections

The best way to avoid needing a root canal is to prevent tooth infections in the first place. Here are some tips to keep your mouth healthy:

  • Brush Twice a Day — Brush for at least two minutes each time, angling the brush bristles underneath the gumline to remove plaque.
  • Floss Daily — Flossing reaches plaque between teeth that brushing misses. This prevents cavities and gum disease.
  • Use Antibacterial Mouthwash — Mouthwash kills bacteria and freshens breath. Pick a formula with fluoride for cavity protection.
  • Eat a Tooth-healthy Diet — Avoid sugary or acidic foods that can erode enamel. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can help clean teeth.
  • Get Dental Cleanings Every Six Months — Regular professional cleanings remove built-up tartar and spot issues early.
  • Address Problems Right Away — Getting cavities filled early or treating gum disease prevents worse infections.
  • Wear a Night Guard if You Grind — Grinding and clenching puts extreme pressure on teeth, causing cracks that let in bacteria. A custom night guard shields your teeth.
  • Use a Mouthguard for Sports — Mouthguards protect your teeth from traumatic injury that can allow infections. Always wear one for contact sports.
  • Limit Sugary Drinks — Sodas, juices, and other sugary drinks feed the bacteria that cause cavities and erosion. Drink more water instead.

The key is keeping your mouth clean and addressing any issues promptly. Schedule a dental exam every six months so we can assess your oral health. Call our Whitehouse Station, NJ office today at (908) 534-4001 to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does root canal treatment hurt?

No! Root canal treatment is practically painless. Your dentist will apply a numbing agent and a local anesthetic before your treatment. Following treatment, once the anesthetic wears off, you can expect some mild soreness of the tooth and your gums. You should take over-the-counter medication and use cold compresses to ease the soreness and discomfort. 

You’ll be able to return to regular activity the next day. If you continue to experience pain or discomfort, contact your dentist’s office to schedule an appointment.

What are the risks if I don’t get an infected tooth treated?

If left untreated, the infection can spread from the tooth to the gum and bone surrounding it. This can lead to abscesses, tissue damage, and tooth loss. The infection can even enter the bloodstream in severe cases.

How long does a root canal take?

Most root canals take one to two appointments for about an hour each. Front teeth tend to be quicker, while molars are more complex. New technologies like dental microscopes also speed up the process.

Can my dental insurance cover the root canal treatment cost?

The cost of the root canal procedure will depend on certain factors like how many teeth need treatment and your insurance coverage plan. Most insurance companies should cover a portion of the root canal treatment cost. We recommend speaking to your insurance provider to gain a better understanding of your policy and coverage. 

Save Your Smile Today!

Dealing with tooth pain can affect how you perform basic functions like eating and speaking. At Lasting Smiles of Whitehouse Station, our dental team offers root canal treatment to save your tooth before extraction is needed. If you’re looking for a restorative dentist in the surrounding Tewksbury, Branchburg, and Lebanon, NJ, our Whitehouse Station dental team can help.

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