Trusting Your General Dentist in Whitehouse Station NJ

Having a quality dentist in Whitehouse Station NJ for your regular dental procedures is crucial for your overall health. General dental care is important for any family and knowing exactly what your dentist offers can help you make decisions for future care. In today’s article, we’ll be going over some of our popular general dental procedures, and giving you some information about each of them.

Among the most common dental procedures are cleanings, tooth-colored fillings, and dental implants. A general dentist can perform these treatments to help you maintain a healthy and good-looking smile. We also provide a wide range of cosmetic and emergency dental services, allowing us to be multi-use for our patients.

Teeth cleanings are usually a part of your usual dental checkup and should be done at least once a year. Brushing and flossing daily is great for dental hygiene, but coming in for professional cleaning once in a while can help reach any excess plaque or tartar that you can’t normally see.

A filling is a type of dental procedure that closes a cavity in the tooth. This problem is often caused by trauma or decay. If not treated, it can lead to a bacterial infection inside the tooth. The dentist will first drill out the cavity and then fill it with a composite material (a dental amalgam) or metal. If the tooth has become infected, a root canal procedure will be necessary. Regular appointments with your dentist are common when you suspect a cavity is forming.

A root canal is another common dental procedure. It removes the nerves and blood vessels that cause pain and sensitivity with a certain tooth. Inflammation in the pulp can be caused by deep decay, a faulty crown, or a chip or crack in the tooth. If the infection goes untreated, the tooth can become infected and form an abscess.

Dental implants are commonly used for missing or decayed teeth. These custom-made implants go in place of a now missing tooth, improving the appearance and functionality of your teeth, making implants incredibly practical. If you’re considering implants, talk to your dentist in Whitehouse Station NJ, and see if they agree.

Another common dental procedure is a dental crown. This is a permanent covering for a tooth. It is used to replace a tooth that has suffered severe damage. A dental crown will be more natural-looking than a dental filling. This procedure may be more expensive than some other procedures, but it is worth the cost.

When it comes to general dentistry, we hope our dentist in Whitehouse Station NJ is your first choice. Feel free to ask questions when you call us at 908-534-4001 or find out more about our work on the rest of our website.

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