How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

When you lose a tooth, you may feel like there’s no need to replace it, especially if it’s a back tooth since no one can see that it’s missing. However, there’s much more going on at the lost tooth site than you think. In fact, there can be significant bone loss surrounding the tooth. And not only can this lead to infection, but it can cause your face to have a droopy or caved-in appearance, which can be unsightly and even lead to self esteem issues.

At Lasting Smiles of Whitehouse Station, we provide the best family dental care in Whitehouse Station, and we want to give you the options to save your smile with dental implants from our friendly dentists. Let’s see if dental implants could be right for your situation.


After the initial consultation, we will schedule your implant surgery. This uses a gentle drilling technique to place the implants in your jawbone. Typically, there will be a healing period following this procedure to allow the bone and soft tissue surrounding those areas to regrow. During this time, we can place temporary teeth in your implants so you don’t have to leave the office toothless.

Your Permanent Replacement Teeth

After you’ve fully healed, we’ll connect a small post to each implant. These are known as abutments, and they will hold your permanent replacement teeth in place when they’re ready.

During your healing period, a specialized dental laboratory will be custom-fabricating your replacement teeth according to the exact size, shape, color, and other specifications that your dentist advised. This is done for not only snug and comfortable fit for your new teeth, but also to match the look of your natural and original teeth.

Once your new permanent teeth are placed in your mouth, your dentist may make some small adjustments to ensure your total and absolute comfort. When you’re confident they feel good and snug, you’re ready to go show off your new and improved smile!

At Lasting Smiles of Whitehouse Station, we’re passionate about getting you smiling and laughing again with an enhanced smile through professional dental implants. To schedule an appointment, or for a root canal dentist in Whitehouse Station, call us at (908) 534-4001.

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