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At Lasting Smiles of Whitehouse Station, our services can’t be beat. Do you find yourself suffering from tooth loss or decay as you continue through life? If you find yourself losing your adult teeth, you may need to see a dental professional. Any general dentist may recommend a denture service where you can find replacements for those missing teeth but not every will be able to deliver such services! As a result, good service for a reasonable price can be hard to come by.

As the premiere Whitehouse Station dental clinic, we provide all customers with the services they need in order to keep their teeth clean, white and happy. Occasionally, we are called in to replace however, which is when our perfect denture program comes in.

Whitehouse Station Dental Clinic Treatment for your Beautiful Smile

At our Whitehouse Station dental clinic, we offer the right dental treatment that allows you to gain that beautiful smile back once again. We offer fitted dentures so there will be no uncomfortability when you are wearing them out in public.

As a clinic focusing a lot on restorative work, we specialize in any type of dentures ranging from a full mouth to just a few teeth. Providing top tier dental care has always been a top priority. However, where we excel happens to be our denture services.

What is Great About Whitehouse Station Dental Clinic Denture Services?

What’s so great about our denture services? We mold them so they look exactly like your originals, which still allows you to keep that beautiful smile and no one will even know you have artificial teeth in.

The procedure of implementing dentures into your mouth is meant to maintain good oral health. This could not be done without the dental experts at one of the best Whitehouse Station dental clinics in the area. All of our staff is trained to make the perfect set of dentures to fit any mouth size.

Now, knowing that you may need denture services in the near future may be scary. Your dentist may have just recommended it but you might have been too scared to agree with them. Of course getting dental work done may be scary but there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to getting your dentures.

To understand the process you will go through, let’s talk about how we deliver your personalized dentures! The process is as followed:

Step 1:

Removing the tooth/teeth. This is where our professionals will determine how many teeth need to be pulled in order to determine what kind of dentures you need.

Step 2:

Impressions. After extracting any necessary teeth, we will take impressions of your bite and place wax rims around your mouth to develop a perfect bite.

Step 3:

Selecting your teeth! This is where our professionals will work with you to find the perfect replacement teeth for your mouth in regards to shade, size and shape.

Step 4:

Finally, the Fitting! Once your teeth are made correctly to the impression of your mouth, you will come in for a final fitting!

Step 5:

Enjoy your new smile!

With this easy and efficient process, we have been able to offer the best services in whitehouse station nj when it comes to denture work. Our goal is to supply you with everything you need in order to keep you smiling and that may only be possible with our artificial teeth. The dental experts at our Whitehouse Station dental clinic work extra hard to provide you with the top service for those pearly white friends who need it most.

While providing you with the necessary service, our dental office focuses on assuring our denture process is nice and fast because we know you have places to be and things to do. To read more about our denture services, visit our website here or call (908) 534-4001. We can’t wait to help you regain that beautiful smile with the help of our amazing dental services!

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